588px-Paraceratherium and child 600

Paraceratherium was a gigantic hornless rhinoceros.It is sometimes known as Indricotherium or Baluchitherium.It was the biggest land mammal that ever existed


Paraceratherium measured 9 meters long,8m tall and weighed 20 tonnes.It is sometimes known as the giraffe rhinoceros because of its long neck and giraffe-like posture.It was a herbivore that ate plants like leaves from tall tress with its down pointing,tusk-like upper teeth that occluded forward-pointing lower teeth.It had a long,hornless skull and vaulted frontal and nasal bones.Its front teeth were reduced to a single pair of incisors in either jaw that looked like small tusks.Its upper lip was extremely mobile.The neck was very long,the trunk robust and the limbs thick and column-like.

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